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Understand Yourself: The Big 5 Aspects of Personality

  • Chattanooga WorkSpace 302 W 6th Street, Suite 3G Chattanooga, TN, 37402 United States (map)

This course is designed to facilitate a better understanding of how personality traits play an integral role in our lives. Known within the field of psychology, the "Five Factor Model" is a model based on general language often used to describe personality traits. Using the acronym "OCEAN", assessments based on the Factor Five Model explore the most fundamental basis of our unique personalities by assessing the five following traits:

1. Openness to experience
2. Conscientiousness
3. Extroversion
4. Assertiveness
5. Neuroticism

By gaining clarity on where we fall within each personality category, we come to understand ourselves in relation to the interpersonal and professional relationships we cultivate over time. Our class will begin with a general overview of personality, the five traits listed above, and the importance of understanding our personal traits in context to the world around. We will implement the use of a 100-question assessment, asking a variety of questions pertaining to personal experience. The assessment, which takes about twenty minutes to complete, will automatically generate results to you in a printable format.

Please note: bring your own computer to fill out the assessment, which costs an additional $10. Each participant will pay for the assessment on their own during the class.

About the teacher:


Alexandra Theis is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a recent relocator to the Chattanooga area. After living in Florida for 25+ years, she decided on making Tennessee her first home away from home. During her time in Florida, Alexandra worked with a vast array of clients. Most of her initial work was done with children in residential treatment centers for help with various psychiatric disorders. In more recent years, Alexandra has enjoyed working for herself and seeing clients who seek help with everyday life struggles. Alexandra thoroughly enjoys writing for her website and has had some of her writings featured on the blog site, Thought Catalog. Favorite things include her gorgeous dog (partially biased opinion), a cup of coffee from Mean Mug (name dropping the locals), and an entertaining non-fiction book (as if such a thing exists!)