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"Diet-betes" and Hypertension

  • Chattanooga WorkSpace 302 West 6th Street Chattanooga, TN, 37402 United States (map)

Diabetes is a devastating disease that claims millions, including family members, due to the damaging effects of chronic and uncontrolled surge of blood sugar in the cells, vessels and the organs of the body. The complications can range from blindness, neuropathy, loss of limbs, kidney failure, dialysis and finally premature death. The conventional treatments, management and care for diabetes only mask the symptoms, but never address the underlying causes of the disease.

James Igani, founder of Back to Health Institute and a certified health and wellness consultant, will explain the root causes of diabetes and ways to stop the progression and damaging effects of the disease. He has had great success helping his clients with a few minor lifestyle changes to reverse their diabetes and their dependencies on diabetes medications. His philosophy and teachings are unconventional, simple and easy to follow. His work in wellness and success with his clients have been recommended by many area physicians.

About the teacher:

James Igani, is a Certified Health/Wellness & Safety Consultant and the author of a dynamic wellness book, titled "Back To Health America". James has been involved in the healthcare industry for nearly thirty years. His roles have consisted of performing physical therapy and health education with patients, and the healthcare professionals. He continues to provide health and wellness education to professionals from different industries and people from all walks of life. His passion and goal in his teachings and his book are to empower people of all ages with the right knowledge to take charge of their own health and to enable them to prevent or reverse many devastating lifestyle diseases. Igani is a pioneer in helping his clients reverse lifestyle diseases such as Type II diabetes, Hypertension, chronic fatigue, obesity, digestive tract maladies and other physiological disorders. His work has been commended by many area physicians, nurses, physical therapists and professionals of different industries. His accomplishments in health and wellness have been noted in publications nationally and he has also appeared on Good Morning America.