Teacher Spotlight: Jennifer Harper and Amanda Jelks

Our growing class list would be quite difficult to pull off without the awesome instructors - and businesses - we've been so honored to meet.  We'd like to give you the same opportunity to get to know our Chattery teachers a bit better. 

Meet Jennifer Harper, CFP and Amanda Jelks. They will be kicking off our first night of Adulting Summer Camp with S'more Money, S'more Problems.

Jennifer Harper, CFP is the Founder and Director of Bridge Financial Planning, LLC, providing fee-only financial planning and investing for today's professionals. She's worked with a wide variety of clients, from young professionals looking for a 'smart start', to muti-generational high net worth families. While financial planning can be complex, it doesn't have to be intimidating or overwhelming!

How did you get started in your profession?

I started as a part time administrative assistant for a trust and investment management department while working on my MBA.

Why do you love Chattanooga?

Chattanooga really is the Goldilocks city. Not too big, not too small, with lots of beautiful places to explore.

What's one topic you'd like to learn through The Chattery?

History of different music genres. I love hearing how different bands were influenced by others and when I can listen to old music again and start picking up on the other influences - that's the best.

Amanda Jelks has been practicing law in Tennessee for the past 7 years. Her practice focuses on helping families and business owners sleep better at night by knowing that their affairs are in order and they are legally protected. After spending the first five years of her career with one of the areas largest law firms, Amanda put it all on the line and started Jelks Law. In addition to operating Jelks Law, Amanda serves as the CEO of Women's Law Collective which is a collaboration between 4 female-owned law firms to provide services and support to women and men who support women.

How did you get started in your profession? 

I truly believe that education opens doors and can be a huge stepping stone for changing generations. As a child, I knew that I wanted more for my life than my then circumstances. When I became pregnant with my first child in my youth, I was determined to provide a better life for him. Since I couldn't handle exposure to blood and organs and since my mother always told me that I could "convince a stop sign that it says go", the law seemed like the ideal path.

Why do you love Chattanooga?

There's no place like home. Having grown up in Chattanooga, I have witnessed the progress of the city over the last 30 years. It has more than improved, but like any other city, it still has a long way to go. One of my favorite things about Chattanooga is the entreprenuerial spirit. It is, after all, one of the things that encouraged me to start my first two businesses.

What's one topic you'd like to learn through The Chattery?

The Chattery has awesome, awesome topics already. One thing I would be interested in is maybe a 30-minute dinner ideas which are vegetarian friendly or maybe a freezer cooking class.

What's something someone would be surprised to learn about you?

I am fascinated with languages. Spanish is my first love with Italian being a close second. Then there's French and Arabic. With the exception of average Spanish speaking skills, I'm not at all good at any of them. Nonetheless, I love them and when life slows down a little I plan on learning more and more.

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