Teacher Spotlight: Sean Phipps

Our growing class list would be quite difficult to pull off without the awesome instructors - and businesses - we've been so honored to meet.  We'd like to give you the same opportunity to get to know our Chattery teachers a bit better. 

Meet Sean Phipps, who will be teaching us how to smoke a pipe this week!

Sean Phipps has been a pipe tobacco enthusiast for over a decade. He spent several years working as a retail tobacconist and now works as a writer/reporter for Nooga.com, covering lifestyle and culture. As a tobacconist, he enjoyed helping novices learn the basics of smoking cigars and pipes

How did you get started in your profession?

The finer things in life have always interested me, even if they weren't always accessible. More than smoking, I consider the art of pipe smoking as much ritual as it is relaxation. I've worked in local media for more than 15 years. I started as an on-air personality at WUTC-FM, followed by jobs as a newspaper reporter, co-host of a small business-based national television show, a ghost tour guide, columnist and, most recently, a writer for Nooga.com.

Why do you love Chattanooga?

I love Chattanooga because of how much it changes and how we embrace those changes. It lends towards constant excitement, especially as someone who covers events. I also love interacting with the eclectic people who inhabit the city. Everybody has a different "how I came to love Chattanooga" story.

What's one topic you'd like to learn through The Chattery?

I would like to learn tips/secrets on budget travel planning. How do the experts find the best deals? What's the secret?

What's something someone would be surprised to learn about you?

Here's a few:
—I grew up on a Y2K farm.
—My first job was at my grandmother's candy store.
—I'm a nut for NASCAR.