Teacher Spotlight: April Corbett

Our growing class list would be quite difficult to pull off without the awesome instructors - and businesses - we've been so honored to meet.  We'd like to give you the same opportunity to get to know The Chattery teachers a bit better. 

Learn more about April Corbett, who runs the blog Upstate Mississippi and will be teaching us all about macrame and vision boarding!

April Corbett.jpg

No one should be forced to fit into one box. April Corbett loves everything that she does and encourages others to find what they love and do it. She's an engineer, maker, planner designer, productivity guru and all around crafter. She's always looking for new projects and awesome places to take her engineering career. Follow April on Facebook here.

How did you get started in your profession?

My mother was determined to keep us busy as children. We painted tshirts, made pottery, cooked bread, wrote stories, crocheted blankets. Even as I became an engineer, the crafting part of me was always there and was often my main source of stress relief.

Why do you love Chattanooga?

The view when you drive into Chattanooga with the mountain on your right and the river to your left. It sucks me in every time.

What's one topic you'd like to learn through The Chattery?

More legal stuff...wills, estate planning, setting up a trust

What's something someone would be surprised to learn about you?

My 80-year-old grandmother is my crafting double. She has discovered Pinterest and will try anything that looks interesting. I plan to live my life the same way.

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