Teacher Spotlight: Rachel Keeley

Our growing class list would be quite difficult to pull off without the awesome instructors - and businesses - we've been so honored to meet.  We'd like to give you the same opportunity to get to know The Chattery teachers a bit better. 

Learn more about Rachel Keeley, who will be leading us in an Introduction to Stand Up Comedy class!


Rachel Keeley is originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she started her comedy career about 3 years ago. She had always been told she was funny but she was too frightened to speak in front of people with a microphone in hand. She decided to take the Comedy 101 from my now friend and mentor Roy Johnson who has been to "The Show" as a comedian. He gave her the basics that helped alleviate some of the stresses of speaking along with helped 15 of comedy 101-ers put together individual sets over 10 weeks that led to a "sold out" graduation night where they did their bits at the Loony Bin in front of 250 people. It was a success & she was hooked! She loved collaborating with other comedians and starting working with a promoter to do as many shows as she could. She relocated to Chattanooga about a year ago. She has done open mic nights at the Choo-Choo and JJ's Bohemia. She is passionate about creating a larger buzz for comedy here in Chattanooga where venues, people and kids can be more involved in this craft.

How did you get started in your profession?

 I started about 3 years ago in a comedy 101 class.

Why do you love Chattanooga?

I love the atmosphere here. It's very busy but in a calm way. The scenery is spectacular and there is always something going on to be apart of.

What's one topic you'd like to learn through The Chattery?

I love to learn about personalities and what make them tick, and of course I always enjoy a cocktail making class. I was intrigued by the make your own essential oils but my job is challenging through the fall so I don't have a lot of free time to take as many classes as I would like.

What's something someone would be surprised to learn about you?

Other than stand up comedy? I coordinate a 2300 mile antique car rally through 18 different cities in 9 days every June.

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