Teacher Spotlight: Brooklyn Rains

Our growing class list would be quite difficult to pull off without the awesome instructors we've been so honored to meet.  We'd like to give you the same opportunity to get to know our Chattery teachers a bit better. 

So, here are four questions to help get to know our Understanding Google Analytics instructor Brooklyn Rains.

1. How did you get started with Google Analytics? 

The first time I really dove into Google Analytics was when I started in my position at Full Media as an Internet Marketing Analyst. Before then, I never realized how easy it was to gather information about your websites. I got hooked once I realized all the different ways you could use it. 

2.Why do you love Chattanooga?

I love Chattanooga because it is a gorgeous place to live. It's the type of place that is big enough to cater to all types of people, but small enough to make you feel at home. 

3. What's one topic you would like to learn through The Chattery?

PhotoShop. I have some basic knowledge of PhotoShop now, but I would love to learn more about how to create fun and interesting graphics for websites or marketing efforts. 

4. What's something someone would be surprised to learn about you?

I'm an only child, but was raised to be super close to my family. I have 28 first cousins on just one side of my family. My family gatherings are more like chaotic events, but I absolutely love it!