Tips for Indoor Plants

Often times, those of us with 'black thumbs' can get a bit discouraged with the upkeep and maintenance of indoor plants.  Don't worry, there's hope!  You can actually have a home filled with beautiful plants and terrariums without worrying about killing them.  We've rounded up tips and suggestions for indoor plants that even we can't kill...we think.

original photo by  Gail Frederick  available under  Creative Commons Attribution License

Here are some words of advice from the team over at Kinfolk to help turn your black thumb into a green thumb:

  • Figure out how much sunlight is in your home and pick your plants accordingly.
  • Know your schedule. If you travel a lot, you'll want to try a plant like a cactus or succulent.
  • Don't over-water your plants.
  • Plants are most comfortable in 65-75 humans!
photo credit:  A Beautiful Mess

photo credit: A Beautiful Mess

Here are 3 examples of the best indoor plants according to blogger Amber Lewis.  For the full list of Amber's suggestions, visit her blog, Amber Interior Design.

Rubber trees - needs medium to bright light and will do best in 60-80 degree temperatures.

Split leaf philodendron - does not need direct sun; bright filtered light is best.

Snake plants - best in low to bright light and tolerates neglect really well.

Succulents are another fantastic option not only for those who are plant-challenged but also for home decor.  They're manageable, very difficult to kill and look really pretty in terrariums as centerpieces.

Learn more about terrariums and succulent upkeep at our upcoming class: Build a Basic Terrarium with Laura Freeman.

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