Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - National Day of Service

On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we came out to help our friends Glass House Collective and Fair Share Urban Growers with the urban farm located behind Hope for the Inner City

Many volunteers, young and old alike, came out to turn tires into planters, pallets into compost bins, and much, much more. We learned from Joel Tippens of Fair Share that one man's trash can always be turned into something useful for everyone! 

After a few hours of volunteering, we traveled down Roanoke to the Mark Making mural unveiling, Face to Face. 45 young Chattanooga residents from Hope for the Inner City and Girls, Inc. learned how to make self-portraits and chose words that signified the change that needs to happen in Chattanooga, such as poverty and violence. The project is a beautiful representation of how our city can move forward. At the end of the unveiling, the crowd held hands and sang “We Shall Overcome.” It was a perfect way to celebrate the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr. You can see the mural near the corner of Glass Street and Dodson Avenue, so go check it out!

It takes a village to feed a village.

It takes a village to feed a village.

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