Mindy Kelly

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From the Artist: 

I grew up in Georgia and moved to Chattanooga in 2006. My first love was music and theater and I always appreciated the visual arts. I dabbled in a few dozen crafty mediums as I have always enjoyed creating with my hands. I began studying with an amazing teacher in 2015 and that ignited a spark to create in mixed media and acrylic. I relish the hunt for vintage books, magazines and items to use in my creations. I love that I am learning new things every time I sit down in my studio to create. 
My art is inspired by the beautiful women in my life, 20 years in the beauty industry, the sporadic mood swing, an occasionally offbeat sense of humor, and the exploration of love and self.

Title and Description of Egg: Safety Among the Hues, Abstract egg in spring pastels, slightly too loud.

Website: http://www.mindyjunekelly.com

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/mindy.j.kelly

Instagram Account: www.instagram.com/mindyjunekelly

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