Steven Llorca

Steven Llorca is a recovering artist director and professional photographer who works mostly as a fine artist these days. You can find his work on display around town, in private collections, corporate lobbies and many buildings. Steven is an active member of the local art community and regularly sets up at the Chattanooga Market and Collegedale Market.

Title of Egg: Moon Over My Horsey.

Description of Egg: From the artist: “I am working on different ways to incorporate non-traditional materials into the photography display process and this is the result of several trial and error efforts. I wanted my image to glow and have a sense of depth, so I mounted it inside the egg with a hand poured and shaped acrylic back and a gold leaf internal structure. When the egg is back-lit with light, the image comes to life with a warm moon-like glow.”


Instagram Account: noogaarts

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