Rick Harrison


Rick Harrison’s artistic talents emerged at an early age.  At only twelve years old he was chosen to be an apprentice under one of the most renowned sculptors and artists in the southeast, Julian H. Harris.  During that time he was exposed to a broad range of disciplines from drawing and traditional oil painting to sculpting and architectural rendering.  Rick worked on every major project Mr. Harris was commissioned to produce where he learned manufacturing and installation of sculptures, wood framing, plaster casting, how to work with bronze, aluminum and marble as well as the use of synthetic material.  Rick was the primary craftsman for the official Inaugural Medal for President Jimmy Carter as well as the Bicentennial Medal for the State of Georgia.
With the skills of a master craftsman and the eye of an artist he is uniquely qualified for a wide variety of assignments.  Known for his comprehensive research and fascination with history, he has designed and custom-built miniature dioramas as well as full-sized displays for The High Museum of Art, the Columbus Museum of Arts and Science, the Toy Museum of Atlanta, the Kennesaw National Battlefield Museum, the Gadsden Museum of Art, and numerous other prominent museums. Rick has also been commissioned to paint life-sized, historically accurate murals on a wide range of subjects, such as the Old West, Ancient Egypt, and 1950’s Americana for museums and collectors.
Rick is a painter, muralist, sculptor and inventor. His current project is for a new Chattanooga company he co-founded, Aysha’s Friends, where he’s developing a new multi articulated doll that can be modified to have any disability a child may have. However, he continues to take on a variety of commissions such as his current challenge of faux marbelizing a large column garden and creating decorative sculptures to simulate a Roman ruin.

Title of Eggs: 

International Space Egg
Art Angel Eggs
Which came first ~ the Bunny or the Egg?
Golden Egg

Website: https://richardharrisonartist.wordpress.com

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