Matthew Dutton

Matthew Dutton was born in Winter Park Florida. He is a graduate from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga earning a BFA in 3D Sculpture. He currently lives and works in Chattanooga TN.

Matthew Dutton is a multidisciplinary artist whose works employ a hybrid of visual symbols and found objects to create a feral aesthetic

His personal artwork includes both painting and sculptural techniques. His studio practices rely heavily on mold making and casting techniques in combination with found objects and non-traditional materials and methods

Title of Egg: I’m not sure if I want this prize.

Description of Egg: I love to approach these types of projects through the lens of experimentation. Might as well try something new and take a risk with materials and techniques..! For this round, I wanted to try using colored thermoplastic and layering it to create a kind of ‘candy shell’ coating over the egg surface. The combination of colorful and shiny alongside melty and gooey created what I felt is an interesting play on the consolidation of opposites, repulsion and attraction. 


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