Dish T'Pass

Dish T'Pass is a full service catering company located on the first floor of the Chattanooga Workspace in the heart of downtown Chattanooga. Specializing in corporate and non-profit catering, they are experts in breafast, lunch, dinner, and catering for after hours events, and, apparently, decorating Easter Eggs. Our fantastic DTP team, Marlena, Emily, Georgia, Beth, and Meira, led by our fearless founder, Amanda Varnell, are happy to support The Chattery!

Title of Eggs: 

1. Turnip the Beet 
2. Spud the Potato
3. Sess Ah Me Burger
4. SlipnSlideClyde the Banana
5. Strawberry Fields Forever
6. One Whipped Cupcake
7. In Bread Rabbit
8. Watermelon Sprout
9. Madame Broccoli
10. Wormie the Apple


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