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From the artist: Hi there! I'm a creative that has been producing these past two years, but still making and configuring in my spare time. This year I'm going to try my best to make creating a priority.

Eggs Title & Description:

Title: New Growth
Description: This art of this egg is inspired by old fashioned botany sketches. I like how beautiful and detailed a piece can become from simple lines and hatching. The lyrics on the egg are from the song “Old Pine” by Ben Howard, one of my favorite artist. The imagery and words are a subtle nod to Spring, but more about life in general. Growth is something that naturally takes place as we become older, but it’s also something you want to achieve, like self-actualization or wisdom. I’m at a point in my life where growth, in both meanings of the word, has been necessary and humbling. When making this piece, one of my favorite quotes kept popping into my head, “The purpose of life, is a life of purpose.” Now, I’m still trying to figure that part out almost every day, but I do know, if my purpose was to just live my life like nature then I’m ok with that. Flowers wilt at some point, but during their span of life they will have served a good purpose providing food for insects, oxygen for other species, and providing beauty to the environment. Like flowers we will wilt, but during our time living we can make the world a little less shitty if we choose to and I sure hope people remember to make that choice. 

Title: Hints of Spring

Description:  Spring has always been my favorite season. It’s the end to a time of cold, dull days that Winter often has. The air is still cool, but plants begin to bloom bringing back color we’ve been missing and the nights become long and bright again as we welcome Daylight Savings back. My absolute favorite thing about Spring is the daffodils. They are bright, yellow signs of hope. Hints that the cold of Winter is almost over and Spring is close. They don’t promise the warmth of Summer or that you will get to enjoy them throughout the rest of Spring, but they do serve as reminders that even dreary, cloudy days can be beautiful because you you know that new growth is on the way. So my daffodils can be used as a literal representation of Spring and the metaphor of Spring, a fresh start. Those hard or mundane days in our life can be re-seen as points of growth and the end of a hard season.

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