Kory Russell

Kory Russell graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in visual art in 2004. Since then he has continued his artistic practice off and on while working, first as a graphic artist for four years, and then a firefighter for eight. He left firefighting to pursue art full time in 2016.

From Kory: My process, whether I am painting directly from nature or from a world my mind has created, leaves me changed nearly each time I finish a piece. I start, nearly always, with some particular idea in mind; this piece will be a tree, this piece will be a landscape, this piece will be a butcher, etc.

Whatever it is, there is a definite, simple idea that starts the process. However, as I warm up and get more involved in the piece it takes on new philosophical depths. I often find in myself more unrest than I believed was there originally. I tend to sympathize with a world I don't understand and gain greater clarity of it, while losing some of myself along the way. 

It may sound like garbage, but art takes courage in that way; courage I often lack to finish or even start a piece many times. When you create art you create war with yourself. You implode, ignore the world around you and others, become desolate and hungry, and in the end have new beliefs attempting to wedge their way in and change your core.

Egg Title: Nap

Egg Description: My egg is a little girl sleeping, dreaming of lots of random things. Purple with two windows letting light in, the new WTC behind her in her dreams with a boy fishing and one rowing below him. I felt a dream was the perfect subject matter for an egg as it continues around the shape ending (or beginning) where it started- with the dreamer. 

Hope whoever finds it enjoys it as much as I did making it. I hope they'll hold it, turn it around in their hand and figure out how to change the world, or something a little more sensible.

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