Katie Brobst

Katie Brobst is an artist and designer living in beautiful Chattanooga, TN. Upon graduating from high school, Katie dabbled with the idea of going into an art career, but instead decided to take the education route and became a teacher. Though she adored teaching and her students, there was always something missing. After teaching preschool for 9 years, she hung up her teaching hat to pursue her passion in a career as a designer. By day Katie works as a web and graphic designer for a marketing company, and by night is a painter, illustrator, and art teacher. When she isn’t in her studio painting away, she is probably out on the water somewhere kayaking or finding a waterfall to chase down.

Egg Title: Watercolor Tattoo

Egg Description: This egg was decorated using a base of watercolors and topped with a hand-drawn pen design on top.

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