Matthew Dutton

Matthew Dutton was born in Winter Park Florida and now resides in Chattanooga Tennessee. He is a graduate from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga majoring in BFA 3D Sculpture. He currently works as a Preparator for the Hunter Museum of American Art.

Matthew Dutton is a multidisciplinary artist whose works employ a hybrid of visual symbols and found objects to create a feral aesthetic through economy of intervention which shares affinities with outsider art, art brut, and neuvre invention - a category of art Jean Dubuffet rationalized as "..of comparable power and inventiveness to Art Brut, but their greater contact with normal society and the awareness they had of their art works precluded their inclusion within his strict Art Brut category.”

His personal artwork includes both painting and sculptural techniques. Currently, Matthew is working on a grouping of interesting sculptural creatures that embody a simultaneous sense of attraction and repulsion. These sculptures are intended to conjure emotions playing on morbid curiosity and uncanny experiences.

Egg Title & Description: "Spageggy". From the artist: "I wanted to add an interesting texture to the egg with a dash of humor. I made a mold and cast a lump of spaghetti with urethane resin, then proceeded to manipulate it onto the egg as the resin cured. Paint and sealer followed to complete this fun egg sculpture."

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