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Mindy Kelly

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From the Artist: 

I grew up in Georgia and moved to Chattanooga in 2006. My first love was music and theater and I always appreciated the visual arts. I dabbled in a few dozen crafty mediums as I have always enjoyed creating with my hands. I began studying with an amazing teacher in 2015 and that ignited a spark to create in mixed media and acrylic. I relish the hunt for vintage books, magazines and items to use in my creations. I love that I am learning new things every time I sit down in my studio to create. 
My art is inspired by the beautiful women in my life, 20 years in the beauty industry, the sporadic mood swing, an occasionally offbeat sense of humor, and the exploration of love and self.

Title and Description of Egg: Safety Among the Hues, Abstract egg in spring pastels, slightly too loud.

Website: http://www.mindyjunekelly.com

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/mindy.j.kelly

Instagram Account: www.instagram.com/mindyjunekelly

Carrie Pendergrass

Carrie Pendergrass received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art, with a concentration in Painting, from the University of Tennessee Knoxville. She then went on to receive a Masters of Education degree from the University of Tennessee Chattanooga. Over the last twenty years, Carrie has been a freelance artist, art educator, and small- business owner.She was a full-time art teacher for 6 years, and left to pursue her own creative ventures.

After winning a small-business grant from River City Company’s “Project Pop-Up” initiative program, Carrie opened ’Sewn to the Sky’, a handmade goods store and art studio/gallery in downtown Chattanooga. She was the sole owner and operator for two and a half years.

Currently she is the Gallery Director for a local non-profit called the H*Art Gallery on the Southside. H*Art Gallery offers a space for homeless, disabled and other non-traditional artists to make and sell their artwork. She’s also been teaching art to public school students through an Arts Build grant-funded Artist-in-Residency Program since 2017.

Carrie was the selected poster design artist for Chattanooga’s nationally-recognized ‘4 Bridges Arts Festival’ in both 2016 & 2017, in addition to winning a Juror’s prize in 2017, which was her first year as an exhibitor. She continues to create and show her work in local and regional shows and galleries.

Title and Description of Egg: 

Egg #1- Ghosties (overlapping black line drawings of ghost-like characters
Egg #2- Kusama Envy (multi-colors and dots in organic shapes)

Website: http://sewntothesea.com

Facebook Page: Sewn to the Sea

Instagram Account: sewntothesea

Peggy Petrey

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From the Artist: As one of seven children born to politically and socio active parents who raised me on strong ideals. Born in Detroit, Michigan in 1959, I was actually raised in Boca Raton, Florida. Looking back, I’m grateful my parents chose to expose me to spirituality, social justice and the arts — for these three gifts are what resonate throughout my life, fitting together in my beliefs, actions and art.

From my earliest memories, I was searching to create...eagerly crafting a gift for someone I loved, planting a garden, climbing onto my father’s workbench to use a tool, combining unsuspecting ingredients in my mother’s kitchen, or rummaging through a trash pile to see if there was any “good stuff” that could be used to make better stuff. Through all of these actions—from the first spark of possibility to the last moment when the new creation left my hands—my imagination was able to play and create.

These days I create jewelry and mixed media art from the yummy “life-stash” of treasures I’ve collected since those early years of childhood. My intention is to use them all before I exit the earth, but my suspicion is that I may just have to leave some behind for another creative soul to play with, or to live 115 years!

Ultimately my art is driven by color and texture. I find the nuances of unexpected layers totally fascinating and impossible to duplicate from one piece to the next. As a human being, when I am creating I am most at peace with who I am. 

Between my childhood and my current creations, I studied at the Art Institute in Fort Lauderdale, worked as an Art Director for the University of Texas School of Business and ran my own design studio, Boyd Design. I moved from Austin to Orlando to be closer to family and there I met and married my favorite artist, John Petrey. After a few years together we hung up our corporate shoes and headed to the Chattanooga, Tennessee. We currently live in a 6,500 sq ft metal building on the growing Southside, where we enjoy the fellowship of many talented artists and play an active role in our arts community.

Title and Description of Eggs: Fabergé Egg Revisited - This egg is wrapped in pieces of recycled license tags that have been hand painted for use in my jewelry.

Birdie Blue - This egg was collaged using pages from The Winston Dictionary For Schools, printed in 1946 with 1100 pictorial illustrations.

Soiled Egg - This egg was wrapped using pieces of a 1968 TVA map titled 'Soils in the Tennessee Valley."
Key: olive green=very good; tan=good; yellow=fair; peach=poor; orange=very poor; mauve=unsuited.

Website: http://www.peggypetrey.com

Facebook Page: Facebook.com/peggypetrey

Instagram Account: @pbpetrey

Pauline Sheets

Pauline Sheets was transplanted to the south from Northern Michigan to pursue her BFA in Fibers at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Her work focuses on surface design for interior applications such as tile, wallpaper and upholstery fabric. After completing her degree she moved to Chattanooga and currently works for Mohawk Industries designing custom carpets for hospitality. Outside of her day job, Pauline uses the skills she has learned to teach her new community about the the magic of repeat pattern design, and to help open kid’s eyes to all of the creative careers that exist.

Title of Egg: Floral Rain

Website: http://www.pvsheets.com

Instagram Account: https://www.instagram.com/pvsheets/

Rick Harrison


Rick Harrison’s artistic talents emerged at an early age.  At only twelve years old he was chosen to be an apprentice under one of the most renowned sculptors and artists in the southeast, Julian H. Harris.  During that time he was exposed to a broad range of disciplines from drawing and traditional oil painting to sculpting and architectural rendering.  Rick worked on every major project Mr. Harris was commissioned to produce where he learned manufacturing and installation of sculptures, wood framing, plaster casting, how to work with bronze, aluminum and marble as well as the use of synthetic material.  Rick was the primary craftsman for the official Inaugural Medal for President Jimmy Carter as well as the Bicentennial Medal for the State of Georgia.
With the skills of a master craftsman and the eye of an artist he is uniquely qualified for a wide variety of assignments.  Known for his comprehensive research and fascination with history, he has designed and custom-built miniature dioramas as well as full-sized displays for The High Museum of Art, the Columbus Museum of Arts and Science, the Toy Museum of Atlanta, the Kennesaw National Battlefield Museum, the Gadsden Museum of Art, and numerous other prominent museums. Rick has also been commissioned to paint life-sized, historically accurate murals on a wide range of subjects, such as the Old West, Ancient Egypt, and 1950’s Americana for museums and collectors.
Rick is a painter, muralist, sculptor and inventor. His current project is for a new Chattanooga company he co-founded, Aysha’s Friends, where he’s developing a new multi articulated doll that can be modified to have any disability a child may have. However, he continues to take on a variety of commissions such as his current challenge of faux marbelizing a large column garden and creating decorative sculptures to simulate a Roman ruin.

Title of Eggs: 

International Space Egg
Art Angel Eggs
Which came first ~ the Bunny or the Egg?
Golden Egg

Website: https://richardharrisonartist.wordpress.com

Jodi Lawrence

Jodi Lawrence is a local Chattanooga blogger and food photographer. She spends her time eating, traveling, listening to music, and working in the social media department at Lodge Cast Iron.

Title of Egg: Blue Willow Garden Snake

Description of Egg: The inspiration for Jodi's egg comes from the little garden snakes that she would find at her grandmother's house and the Blue Willow China she gifted her.

Website: http://www.thefashionablefoodieblog.com

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/thefashionablefoodie/

Instagram Account: https://www.instagram.com/the_fashionablefoodie/

Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/J_L_Lawrence

Mary Barnett

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Mary Barnett is a gardener and lover of trees and old homes. She is happy to be a St. Elmo old timer now. Mary is a maker of mixed media collage projects that reimagine gardens in old pages of industrial drawings and maps other interiors, a needle felter of endless marbles and small beads, and a professional writer and projects manager for National Park Partners and Glass House Collective.

Title of Egg: What Are You Waiting For?
Description of Egg: This inquisitive ink-black wabi sabi egg puts a chrome point on the question #WAYWF just for the person who finds it first.

Website: http://mary-barnett-ypzq.squarespace.com/

Instagram Account: @acmecatalyst

Twitter Account: @acmecatalyst