Community Technology Leadership Program (CTLP)

The Community Technology Leadership Program (CTLP) builds strategic capabilities to get the most from technology with minimal risks and reasonable costs. Participants get real-world experience creating technology strategies. They work directly with actual businesses and with skilled technologists in a facilitated problem-based learning process. The program provides new, valuable professional connections as well as a broad, practical understanding of how to assess, manage, and target technology.

Eduity is currently piloting CTLP right here in Chattanooga, with support from the Mozilla Foundation’s Gigabit Community Fund, and with the assistance of the Strategic Networks Group. The pilot consists of five sessions, including a kick-off event, three workshops, and a wrap-up “pitch” session. The Chattery is working with Eduity to promote and schedule these very exciting events! 

Every event and workshop is FREE, and free lunch is provided. The entire series kicks off on March 8 and ends on May 10!

Put the Gig to Work! CTLP Kickoff Session
March 8, 12pm-1:30pm

The CTLP kick-off session will feature Michael Curri, CEO of Strategic Networks Group (SNG), which conducted the 2016 broadband assessment for the State of Tennessee, discussing the study’s findings for Chattanooga. For example, SNG found that business broadband utilization here is only 2% higher than the state average, and estimates that a modest increase in utilization by employers with less than 50 employees could create nearly 450 new jobs. The Community Technology Leadership Program is designed to tap this potential. Dr. Greg Laudeman, executive and founder of local startup Eduity, will preview the Community Technology Leadership Program (CTLP) pilot Eduity is conducting here over the next couple of months with support from the Mozilla Foundation’s Gigabit Community Fund, and how the program could impact the local economy.

Join this FREE workshop - lunch provided!


Defining Digital Strategy
March 29, 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM

During this session you will learn how to analyze organizations—their environments, processes, and technology bases—and how to define business problems. Clearly defining problems, goals, and key results is the first step in creating a digital technology strategy. We will also discuss capabilities and culture, and how they fit into strategy. All of this will be done by looking at actual local business and talking with their key decision-makers.

Scanning for Solutions
April 12, 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM

This session will provide a high-level scan of the technology world, focusing on what the technology products & services available in the Chattanooga area. It will also consider technology maturity, which technologies are aging-out, and what’s up-and-coming. Local technologists will be actively involved in the discussion, but the discussion will be closely moderated and translated so participants do not need any technology expertise. You will learn the basics of technology assessment and risk analysis.

Building the Digital Business Case
April 26, 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM

Technology is an investment, not just a cost, that must generate positive returns. During this session we will talk about how technology generally generates benefits, its hard and soft costs, and specific value propositions for particular businesses. You will learn about intangible assets, change management, and other key considerations for a digital technology strategy. The output of this session will be a high-level, “skeleton” digital strategy for a real Chattanooga-area business.

Wrap-up “Pitch” Session
May 10, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Participants will share their ideas and recommendations for digital strategies that would enable local businesses to be more competitive, efficient, productive, and profitable. Technologists will be available to provide feedback and suggestions. Local business leaders will discuss the practical the recommendations are, how they fit with business goals, and how likely they are to implement them. There will also be discussion about next steps for the Community Technology Leadership Program, how it might work here in Chattanooga, and how it might be replicated it in other communities.