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CANCELED - Protecting Yourself In a Digital Age

  • Chattanooga WorkSpace 302 West 6th Street Chattanooga, TN, 37402 United States (map)

This class has been canceled. Please check back, because it will be rescheduled!


Most people are blissfully unaware of how much at risk they for things like hacking and identify theft. This class will shine a bit of light on some of the things regular people are vulnerable to with the goal of providing some actionable items to help reduce each person's personal risk of identity theft among other things.

Most people don't know what to do with the own online life, let alone that of a deceased relative to which you are next of kin.   All of our information is online. Our lives, our memories, our money! Leaving it unsecured, or, in most cases, barely secured, is unacceptable when there are minimal steps you can take to make it a whole lot better. Join this class to learn those steps and implement them..

Please note: bring your laptop and the instructor will give specific instructions on how to increase your security.

About the teacher:


Bryan Goldstein has been a student of technology for as long as he can remember. When he was 3 years old, he called his grandfather "stupid" because he couldn't pilot the horribly pixilated plane in Atari's "River Raid". Technology has always been his interest and his calling. He has always wanted to know how it worked. When he clicks this, it does that... why? how? 

Bryan left the pursuance of a career in music, a conservatory that most wouldn't make it in to in order to study computer science. He started working small jobs while I was still in school (mostly programming), then went on to work as a professional programmer for several years until being hired by IBM. Working at IBM helped him develop an understanding of a broad spectrum of technologies from databases to application servers, networking, and eventually security. After leaving IBM for The SCE Group, he started working with software whose primary job is to secure data and user identities. Working with customers around the globe to help them understand and implement this software has broadened his own understanding of not only how to secure things, but how to get to things that are unsecured. 

... and then his father died. 

When his father died and he had to help his mother close out his father's online life, it opened up a whole other world of possibility for how his could help people. He has a passion for helping people understand how to protect themselves. Learn more here, and follow him on Instagram here.

In his non-work, spare time, he enjoys listening to anything on this topic from podcasts to Ted Talks... anything that can help him learn more about the technical world out there.